Contracts and Agreements

The best time to consult with a lawyer about a contract or agreement is before you sign it.

Many contracts and agreements are signed when things are going well and the parties to the contract or agreement are getting along very well. All parties have great confidence in each other and in themselves, and everyone expects only the best outcome.

When things are not going so well or if the parties are not getting along well or no longer see eye to eye all those provisions in the contract which may have been overlooked or downplayed suddenly take on new significance.

A well drafted contract or agreement will set out exactly how each possible future scenario, whether good or not, is to be handled including exactly how each party can get out of the contract.

The cost of making sure the contract or agreement says exactly what you want it to say and covers as many possible future scenarios as can be reasonably foreseen is much less than the cost of the lawsuits that will likely otherwise happen when there are disagreements after the contract or agreement has been signed.



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Page updated 30 September 2015